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Like a Bird

A favourite song of mine inspired by the heavy wax coat I work in amongst the sheep. My shoulders sagged under the weight of it and there came a point where I couldnít put it on for another day. It came to represent the impossible task I faced in trying to be everything a manís world expects. I set myself free and threw the coat away.

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Like a Bird

I waved goodbye to you yesterday
I knew it was the end
I'm pleased for you upon the road
We were always more than friends
My heart flutters like a bird
And I know she needs to fly
For all the cushies in the wood
Just leave me in the sky

I know that I'm not practical
Not useful in this world
I make mistakes and fall far short
Of every pretty girl
But my heart loves, there's no denying
And everything is good
And for all the hurting in the world
Folks don't love as they should

But a quiet voice is never heard
It saddens me to know it
I'm taking off this heavy coat
It's no use now, I'll throw it

I saw you driving out the yard
It took my breath away
You know I tried, I tried that hard
To keep the world at bay
But my heart isn't strong like that
And yours can beat them all
So like a bird I spread my wings
And flew over the wall

Da, da, da, da

The sun is shining down on me
There's no-one else around
And like a bird up in the tree
I'm never coming down
'Cos my heart's emptied out with care
It's just about worn through
And for all the singing ever done
This love song was true

But a quiet voice is never heard
I'm taking off this heavy coat
It's no use now, I'll throw it

I waved goodbye and now I'm gone
Too many tears to cry
And like a bird the silent song
Must rainbow in the sky
A quiet voice is never heard
This coat's too big to wear
And like a bird, a woman's heart
Must flutter in the air

Da, da, da, da, da

© Words & Music - Brenda Heslop (Ribbon Road Music)

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