Ribbon Road lyrics


In the hills heather blooms in August sun
With honey for the bee
And the clouds against the bonny blue
Blowing past from me
And when I pause to think awhile
I'm saddened to my heart
So very few will see this view
And love where I must part

It does my spirits good
To hear of Bogey's Bonny Belle
And know that music could
And though the wind blows colder here
The innocent are clean
With not an ugly word to pass
Then heaven lives in me

There's a cloud of white above the moss
To softly catch the breeze
No-one loves to count the loss
Of jewels such as these
And though I've travelled far and wide
I could not find beyond
The hills that bloom in August sun
And what love has become

And so I'll wander through these years
And o'er the winding burn
And I will let the silence grow
The world will always turn
And in my heart I'll walk the hills
And I will always be
Nearer to my truest love
Nearer God to thee

Nearer to my truest love
Nearer God to thee

© Words & Music - Brenda Heslop (Ribbon Road Music)

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