Ribbon Road lyrics

Don't Want To Talk Anymore

don't want to talk anymore
don't want to see your face fall
don't want to talk anymore
don't want to see your eyes growing cold
don't want to feel your back turn
don't want to talk anymore

so many thoughts fly through my head
so many things must go unsaid
and every day must last for years
I cry my tears
you take away the ground beneath
your imitation false belief
feeds every fool to set in stone
I have no home


so many times I try to cross
the grandest canyon filled with loss
but every silence cries a death
to catch my breath
so now where every garden grows
you lay me down and let me go
the way I feel, you'll never know
the river flows - on


it's in my heart and in your hands
the picture painted, who I am
the colours run from blue to gold
I'm getting old
and if there's any mercy left
your hand will hold for all I've met
to give a thought and give me rest
put on your coat


© Words & Music - Brenda Heslop (Ribbon Road Music)

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