Ribbon Road lyrics


looking down on the ground
looking down for half a crown
there's something there beneath your shoe
see I look a lot like you
live today and close your eyes
walk along on the other side
the scandal dies in suicide
pride in everything you do

you swing it high and bring it low
wash your hands and I wouldn't know
spread the word we've got to go again
I've got your number I'm on your list
I'm the one that Christmas kissed
I can't forget and the nightmare doesn't end

we're all down here in the same wet rain
playing around or playing the game
getting wet is no big deal
but you've got a coat so we're not the same
- I feel
looking up at the silver sky
there's no joy left in the old man's eyes
he hasn't got a penny for the children's guy
there's a hole in his shoe
and he doesn't know why


looking down on the ground
if I keep still I won't be found
if I don't breathe I won't get hurt
if I don't need I might not hit the dirt
I wish tomorrow wouldn't come
but I want life for everyone
it's all gone wrong and overdone
I wish that I had never held a gun


© Words & Music - Brenda Heslop (Ribbon Road Music)

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