Ribbon Road lyrics

The Ache Inside

When the baby cries
And I defy the fear
Every time the crow must fly away
To leave me here
In burning sway
Reunion spent, but wordless sent away

When the baby cries
And I deny the pain
I have to close my eyes
I know that things will never be the same
And the time it takes for a heart to break
It's all the same to me
All I ever wanted to be

When the baby cries
I've nothing but a shadow
Each step I take
I force myself to let it go
And the strain of pride, I can't decide
To make it on my own
But no-one ever really wants to know
Which way to go

When the baby cries
I'm searching for a face
Arms held out in solitude
But I can't find the place
And the blanket of a memory
Imagined love was blind
Forcing for a smile just one more time

When the baby cries
And I am left alone
And the feeling, all-concealing
Means this heart is not a home
And the ache inside me breaks inside me
Breaks you too, I know
Now I am lost with nowhere else to go
Which way to go
You'll never know, you'll never know

© Words & Music - Brenda Heslop (Ribbon Road Music)

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