Ribbon Road lyrics

Still Nearer

Hold my tears when I can't cry
Catch my heart when I can't fly
Pin me down so that I can do no more harm
Don't leave now, just be there with your arms

Hold my hand when I can't see
When I don't understand help me feel
When I can't walk soothe my soul
The words won't talk but your arms say it all

Hold my pain when I can't move
Say my name so I've nothing to prove
All I do is as nothing to you
Safe and calm in your arms

Hold me close when I can't breathe
Hold me tight so that I still believe
Take your place so that I have nothing to fear
Every day brings me nearer

Hold my face, make it shine
A gentle touch, make it mine
Love won't stay if you keep on walking away
Every day brings me nearer, still nearer
Nearer, still nearer
Nearer, still nearer

© Words & Music - Brenda Heslop (Ribbon Road Music)

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