Ribbon Road lyrics

How Have You Loved

Empty arms and forgiven charms
don't run away, I'll do you no harm
bottle tops on a string keep the birds from landing
I've been out in the garden of dreams
and everything is beautiful
holding hands with the man of my dreams
and it was only beautiful

Aching arms in the dead of night
keep me awake and restless
holding out on a woman's right, only building resentment
a need to fill the understated
and bring an end to the breath that's bated
break the silence of gritted teeth
I wonder what lies underneath

O my soul does take everything
that my heart will break
why won't the tears that fall
make it all go away, make it all go away

Listless arms, side by side
never calm, just still
potted glory on the window sill
only promise photogenic thrill
the sun will rain and the clouds will pour
there's always less when I want more
it must have been hell when I was born
that's when a mother's life is torn

Open arms but a guarded mind
open promises, the conditioned kin
christian soldiers must march along
never mind who they're standing on
hugging close in a bundle of nerves
when they get to heaven they'll get their desert
the candle that burns misses by miles
they lose me in well-meaning smiles

Clang goes the cymbal
and bang goes the drum
off with your coat and the deed is done
the harp strings have broken,
the crowds gather round
but there aren't any angels
when their trumpets sound

Empty arms and forgiven charm
don't run away and I'll do you no harm
bottle tops on a string keep the birds from landing

© Words & Music - Brenda Heslop (Ribbon Road Music)

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