Ribbon Road lyrics

Every Hour

Every hour that counts for me
every flower that sets me free
is victimised in solitude
& social-sided attitude
a final bid for gratitude
a kinder thought for me

Every heart that beats for me
every dream that dreams for me
tattered souls have fallen down
the wind blows where it will
fairer will the morning be
when troubled breath is stilled

Misguided innocence, throw it all away
headline incidents, the paper boat sailed away
twisted ignorance, the savaged heart runs red
spoken images of dreams that were left for dead

Every kiss given to me
every wish that's been wished for me
has fallen over stony ground
and pushed good nature round and round
if you leave now I won't be found
bleeding on my knees

Every time you hold me close
every time I fall and choke
and now the serenade has gone
and all the costumes all feel wrong
let me change, it won't take long
if you can wait I'll come

© Words & Music - Brenda Heslop (Ribbon Road Music)

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