Ribbon Road lyrics

Is It True?

Watery graves cover watery faces
they haunt the slaty sea
and the wild white horses toss the waves
touching me, soothing me

Windily changing, the soft sand remaining
of the bones that are beaten to the floor
feel the pulse that rages
and the sun that still persuades us on
to look for more

Boys stand eager by the sandy shore
reaching out in innocence
with all their open doors
surely it's not too late,
O the way is paved
could you still save me

Time and tide will wait for no man
but this one's gonna hold on if he can
for all the wildest dreams,
a sickening for things to come
I want to run

Watery graves are calling me to mine
but I'm not satisfied to go
and the wild white horses
are turning in the tide, leaving me
I let the waters flow

Eyes streaming with salty tears
washing away the wasted years
sorry for the pain I now see
could you still save me

© Words & Music - Brenda Heslop (Ribbon Road Music)

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