Ribbon Road lyrics

Open The Window

Open the window, draw away the blind
O let the wind blow through your heart and mind
looking for the happy-ever-after makes me cry
every shadow bruises me with every given smile
pretty clothes and kisses never came to play
cardboard hearts and paper planes the order of the day

Tell me the story of how it's gonna be
of goodness and glory and children on their mother's knee
arms for their shoulders and stars to light the way
tell me how it's gonna be, starting from today

Open the window, open up your eyes
and know wherever you go the spirit never dies
stepping over broken glass, tortured by the thorn
made to take the first as last when your hand's already torn
angels sing you lullabies on pillows soft and warm
winter geese and butterflies stay the raging storm

Open the window, throw it open wide
river roads of passion have never yet made it right
chains and bolts and finger-bowls on table-cloths of white
silence made immaculate still haunt me in the night
jewels made out of summertime so easily fall away
diamonds are forever, but they won't make us stay

© Words & Music - Brenda Heslop (Ribbon Road Music)

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