Ribbon Road lyrics

All for You

My songs are all for you
each note composed of you
in perfect harmony I weave my broken dreams
my heart poured out for you
each heart-string plucked for you
each moment we have known is sung for you

And the lark still soars high overhead
and the grouse still sleeps in her heather-bed
and the curlew glides down the valley to her love, I love you

The shepherd tends his sheep
a lonely vigil to keep
the collie hears his master's cry, do you hear mine
the wind sings soft and low
where does true love go
the distance grows each time the seasons come and go

The world was given for you
all held dear because of you
the rays of life on heathery hills
in spring I sing, I still sing of you

© Words & Music - Brenda Heslop (Ribbon Road Music)

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