Ribbon Road lyrics

Sweet Lady

O how the sun rises over the fell
I hold your memory as clear as a bell

Sweet lady, fair lady dearest friend to me
ca' away, far away, here come bye away

Dear is the face that adored me every day
sweet were the hours when you helped me work the way

O how the mist rises off the bonny flough
clever and quick you were to spy that far-off yow

The brown burn sparkles in the sharpened April sky
the dark pools deepen in your kind and soulful eye

O how the sun rises, O how the mist rises
O how your soul rises to live another day
O how my heart quickens, O how my spirits lift
to see you live another day, but not this way

Stylish and swift you moved with skill and grace and ease
always your greatest gift to me your will to please

© Words & Music - Brenda Heslop (Ribbon Road Music)

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