Ribbon Road lyrics

Grey Lady

My dear grey lady, sailing high over mossy floughs
on sad misty evening
my dear grey lady, gliding ghostly from the valley floor
see how she soars o'er me

And she takes my heart with her wherever she goes
across the fell, just as the wind blows
and we'll meet again when the curlew returns

My lovely grey lady, so wild and free and high?
locked in my memory
my lovely grey lady, calling the tune of solitaire,
I think of you longingly

My regal grey lady, she's good and strong and fair
mystery on air
my regal grey lady, I'll fly with her all of my days
and I'll keep singing harmony with her

My sweet grey lady, she lives on the rise of the whaup hill
she'll soon be coming home
my sweet grey lady, she'll return on the westerly wind
she'll bring my spring-time back

© Words & Music - Brenda Heslop (Ribbon Road Music)

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