Ribbon Road lyrics

The Curlews Gone Away

You, you were all there was for me
you were all there was to be
and motion flowed,
the circus went away from town
we nearly had it all, we really had a ball
but now I notice shadows where the moonlight fell
on your hair, on your eyes
shadows fall when the summer dies

And my soul gallops on the lonely fell
and my soul is solitary by the stony stell
now there's no more to say
and the curlew's gone away
O my darling winter's here to stay

Wild, you were always wild and free
always running out on me
you wanted to distance me
why did this have to come about
why couldn't we have worked it out
I can't believe this has happened again
the mist sinks down through forest rides
gathering gloom as the daylight dies

© Words & Music - Brenda Heslop (Ribbon Road Music)

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